Theresa "Reese" Emry is a full time designer and artist. Originally from Seattle, WA, Reese and her husband, Bret, started their first business in Spokane, WA called Linen And Cake where they made and sold paper art. They then moved to Waco in 2018 to follow their dream of owning and operating a retail home décor shop. After deciding two years later that she wanted to spend more time with her family, Reese has since been pursuing her interests in design, pottery, photography, textiles, and displays.

For Reese, being a mixed-media artist has always been her passion. She is always learning new styles, methods, and techniques and will incorporate new and fresh ideas in everything she creates.

Her distinctive personal style emanates joy, outside-the-box thinking, and inspires creativity for those who enjoy and admire her work.

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